Gemini New York was founded on the belief that everyone should have access to the beauty of fine jewelry.

Throughout the jewelry creation process, we uphold the principles of craftsmanship and excellence, dedicated to bringing luxurious elegance into your lifestyle. The designers, artisans, and curators that comprise Gemini New York work to create a marketplace of fine jewelry that can be enjoyed by everyone. By removing the middle-men, we successfully control the heart of the supply chain, ensuring quality all the way to your doorstep.

With our two boutiques, Castor and Pollux, there is sure to be something that will match your price and style. By embracing the legend of the twin brothers of Gemini, we are able to offer stunning pieces, available in sterling silver or gold. As the legend states, Prometheus gave fire to man so that he can create. Through this spirit, we offer our exclusive Promethean styles in the Castor boutique. These styles aim to emulate the beauty of precious gemstones at a lower price. Our Pollux boutique offers our genuine precious and semi-precious gemstones, which can be enjoyed for a lifetime. It is through our beliefs that we have established the two pillars of Gemini New York:Quality and Responsibility.


Our gemstones and precious metals are sourced from the most trustworthy suppliers around the globe. With each piece we create, we ensure that the work and care put into it is reflected in its quality. We use authenticated gemstones to guarantee that each piece has vibrance, depth, character, and longevity. 


We aim to be mindful of our community and the wider world around us. That is why we focus on sourcing our materials sustainably, from our packaging to minimize waste to our centralized distribution to eliminate unnecessary shipping of our products. In doing so, we hope to set an example that responsibility should never diminish quality. This is upheld throughout the process of curation -- from the moment the piece is sketched to the time it sparkles in your jewelry box.

To further our aim of responsibility, we commit to donating profits each year to causes of social justice including creating equal opportunity for education, increasing food security, and creating opportunities for upward mobility around the world.